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Why are we still shy of synchronous? – The results!

So after a couple of weeks, I decided to put the polls into Numbers and produce a couple of pie charts on the figures. As with all statistics, you can make them as simple or as complicated as you like (someone once said 83.564% of statistics are made up ;-), but being a simple Valley boy from Wales, I like simple.

As we can see, 46% of the people who filled in the poll do use synchronous. Now thats a PLUS. It also shows that 54% still primarily use Ordered, even though 25% use ordered with a small amount of synchronous.

The other interesting point is no one uses purely synchronous.

So to drill down and find out what is stopping people migrating to synchronous, the pie chart below shows a very common thread…

It seems like its too difficult to migrate or doesn’t have a feature that needs to be used that only exists in ordered mode. There is not much that can be done about that until Dan Staples and the team fully migrate all of the functionality that exists in ordered to synchronous. Thats a few years away, but the training is an interesting point. There is training available for synchronous but it may need to be tuned to what people need to successfully migrate.

Training a new user to use synchronous is easier than trying to get an ‘ordered mindset’ to wrap around the new principles in synchronous. And with work getting in the way, we have little time to play with or get used to the synchronous lifestyle.

I was lucky, I had enough time and smaller projects for me to practice on. Attending PLM world in the years before the Solid Edge only events was a huge benefit as there were only a handful of SE users there and I got some one-on-one time with Dan Vincent and Kyle Aruda (who I am glad to say is back at Siemens!) and learned an awful lot about the steering wheel, as I understand it was Dan Vincent’s lovechild. Carrying forward to today, attending SEU12 I learned a lot, but I think in synchronous anyway. Thats all I use (with a lille bit of ordered).

So what I think I get from the poll is this. Ordered users need specific training geared at them and the way they think. Retraining is difficult, especially when you can do the job anyway so why would you need to use synchronous? In my view, synchronous technology is the future of 3D CAD. Its not there yet, but Solid Edge wasn’t quite there in version 5 either. We have a few more years for it to be complete but there is more than enough there now to make the job easier and to stretch the boundaries of our designs and the time we can do it in.

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