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Presentations for ST4 event now available

The folks at solid edge have posted the presentation online for those that couldn’t make it to the ST4 Launch event.

You can get them here.


Solid Edge ST4 Event – Be sure to make it next year!

I was fortunate enough to be invited as a guest speaker for the Solid Edge ST4 event in Huntsville, AL. I didn’t really know what to expect and after going to PLM world over the past few years, I was wondering if the rest of the SE community would respond to this event. There were well over 200 attendees and a great mix of Siemens PLM staff there as well. The Siemens PLM staff were great and wherever you turned there was an expert there to discuss any ideas or issues the users may have had.

The morning was opened up by Karsten Newbury and the event kicked off with a bang. Tony Affuso gave an honest and very down to earth presentation which I have to give him a lot of credit for. Sometimes when your in a position like Tony’s its hard to try and keep everyone happy, especially when you have NX, Teamcenter and Technomatix under your belt. But Tony connected with the audience and was very frank about the fact that the connection with Solid Edge users had been lost in the past. This event was the start of putting things back on track.

The keynote was interesting from the engineering perspective to see how the team met the challenges of MPG and how they won the X Prize. I wonder how the company intends on taking this forward. My personal view is to open it up to the public. Sites like would probably love to collaborate and everyone wins! Pointless doing all that work for an engineering exercise if you don’t get the rubber on the road and see it in everyday use. Its always the toughest challenge to see great engineering ideas make it into the mainstream public.

Dan staples then took the stage and gave us a run down of the new release, ST4. This for me is always the highlight of the event as I love to see how Dan and the team will make my life easier in the upcoming year. They certainly did that with this new release. If you are ever thinking to upgrade and adopt an ST version, ST4 is the one to do it with.

The event in general was filled with a buzz, a general happiness that it was finally happening and to top it off, the enhancements with ST4 are fantastic. You can see the change in the focus of the solid edge brand with the new management team at Siemens Velocity (yes I said the “V” word). Kudos to Karsten and to John Fox who put this on in only a few months.

Solid Edge. Design Better.

New Solid Edge Branding Logo

There would be one thing I would do to make it better. We could have had it one day longer. I heard that from a number of people. The “Hands On” sessions need to be doubled so the users can attend everything and not have to pick and choose.

So what about next year? Well, they intend to do the same again so if you are a Solid Edge user, no matter what version you are using, I would highly recommend attending.

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